Transportation Analysis System

The Challenge

For our client, being able to measure and forecast the traffic volumes on New Zealand’s roads and predict the service levels and performance on these roads, meant that they could plan and budget resources more effectively.

The Solution

Taking third party commercial vehicle data and plotting its movement using geo spatial data combined with the ability to literally 'draw' lines on a map to display vehicles passing through a certain point enabled detailed analysis by the hour of traffic across the whole of New Zealand.

The Benefits

The ability to take travel data and map it using GPS coordinates is fast and efficient, reducing the reliance on stationary road measuring devices. The software is scalable and can also incorporate other data such as weather, or traffic incidents to enable analysis on a number of dimensions

The System is designed on a Microsoft platform and is first to incorporate Google maps. Analysis is fast and visual users can draw numerous screen lines and run multiple scenarios around volume and velocity.

Data is displayed as tables within the region or meshblocks with multiple screenlines can be drawn as required.

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