Targeted Marketing - Stroke Foundation

Stroke Foundation wanted to target their 2004 mail campaign to encourage more people to donate money to their organisation.

Sysware worked together with Map Net to identify those people. Map Net geocoded the database of 4,814 active members and referenced the customer addresses to Census meshblocks. This enabled Sysware to join the customer database file to a large database of information from the 2001 Census database. Sysware ran Data Mining procedures against this data, and identified the characteristics of current donors.  

Sysware discovered that people who donate to the Stroke Foundation have certain characteristics. They have a high probability of being:

  • retired from full-time work
  • on a relatively low income
  • Living on their own. 

Sysware then identified those meshblocks whose residents had the highest concentration of people with these characteristics. Sysware gave the Stroke Foundation a list of targeted meshblocks scattered all around New Zealand. We sorted the top 1,100 meshblocks by propensity to purchase, from which the Letterbox Channel mailed a promotional package to the top 70,000 addresses (excluding existing customers).

Sysware also provided Stroke Foundation with graphic representations of distributions and customer profiles:

Not for profit diagram

The result of Stroke Foundation utilising the Data Mining expertise of Sysware, and the Mapping expertise of Map Net, was to achieve a vastly improved response rate, and a Return on Investment far higher than the previous year’s campaigns.

  • Response rates improved by 92%
  • Revenue increased by 88%
  • Return on investment improved by 61 %

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