Seeing a single source of truth

NZTA Clients required a data warehousing solution to become the single source of truth regarding all traffic incidents and events as well as all traffic measures for the Auckland and Wellington motorways.

The solution needs to enable NZTA to do near real-time ad-hoc analysis of traffic incidents and measures and to provide a platform for reporting.

Sysware was engaged by NZTA to assist them during the analysis and development of NZTA’s Traffic Data Repository project (TDR).

The TDR solution was designed to provide a solid data platform for both formal and ad-hoc reporting of NZTA traffic and incident and traffic detection information. It also delivered a selection of user defined reports in SharePoint Foundation 2010 via Reporting Services integration.

Ad-hoc analysis is enabled by surfacing the data through SQL Server Analysis Services (OLAP) which provides a high performance pivoting and slicing of the data within Excel and other tools, such as Report Builder. Structuring the data in the way described above allowed data of significant volumes and from multiple sources to be interacted within near real time.

Currently the users are able to do ad-hoc reporting on traffic data in excess of 2 billion rows of data with data no more than 10 minutes behind real time.

The TDR solution also contains spatial information which will allows users to do spatial reporting utilising.

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