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Managing reporting and Analysis in the Government sector

he Ministry for Environment (MfE), New Zealand recruited Sysware Group’s subsidiary DataMax to develop the BI technology that enables the Ministry for Environment (MfE) to realise the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 (WMA).

MfE have the following key responsibilities and requirement in implementing the WMA, ranging from;

  • Levy all landfill waste disposal.
  • Manage the collection of levy fees.
  • Allocate levy funding to local government, communities and business to help reduce waste in New Zealand
  • Manage the application, funding, life cycle and deliverables of waste minimisation projects.
  • Investigate the environmental effects of products and encourage and/or enforce producers,
  • importers, owners, etc. to take responsibility.
  • Report on waste and other environmental issues to government, parliament and the public.
  • Encourage the Reduction, Reuse, Recycling and Recovery of waste.

DataMax used an Agile development approach to deliver a Kimball style DW/BI solution.

From the bottom-up, DataMax reverse engineered their CRM and Finance applications to extract the key information drivers from these systems.

From the top-down, DataMax researched the WMA, MfE’s strategy and management documents to develop an outcome based monitoring system that tracks key performance indicators of key resources allocation on key activities.

DataMax engaged key MfE decision makers throughout the project lifecycle to maximise our solution’s

business intelligence value.

Results: The project was delivered to an aggressive deadline with tight budget constraints.  MfE are able to implement the WMA and have the information technology to help reduce waste in New Zealand.

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