Improved reporting capability

One of our Health clients wanted to move away from their current reporting system due to the following reasons:

  • Ongoing expensive license fees for current technology
  • Lack of in-house skills in current technology leading to costly consultancy
  • Non customisable reporting tool; creation of dashboards and scorecards will need to be outsourced
  • Manual, intermittent processing.
  • Reporting is unattractive and requires many click-throughs on two separate systems
  • Presence of several incorrect calculations in the current Adult Patient database
  • Key care data is held in separate databases

Sysware was engaged by to review the business case for the new reporting system. From this review Sysware  provided an architectural

Framework for delivering the solution, advice as to whether the project is feasible and whether estimations are reasonable, and provide recommendations on a number of aspects of the project. The main aim was to ensure that the project is properly scoped, and to mitigate any design/development/implementation risks.

The new system enabled:

  • Creation of a data submission process that is simpler for users and significantly reduces personnel resource use in-house
  • Creation of a BI system that will interface with the newly re-designed
  • In house IT staff will have sufficient skill levels to customise reporting and will be able to maintain and improve the system without external support
  • Users will benefit from a more user-friendly reporting interface that is presented in a single application that will likely lead to increased user-ship and commitment to data submissions
  • Improved data visualization and reporting capabilities
  • Advanced analytical capability, including access to data mining technology
  • Use of a system that maximises the use of current technology and allows for technological development in the future

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