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BI use hinges on three factors

There could be any number of reasons why a company's business intelligence platform collects dust from never being used, but a recent Information Management report identifies three factors that are applicable in almost any situation.

For one, end-users want a solution that is easy to use, suggesting that self-service business intelligence should be more widely adopted. Users are less likely to keep returning to a solution that is clunky and difficult to work with. Ease of use is key so the necessary reports can be compiled as quick as necessary.

Next, users want a solution that performs at high level. They will become frustrated by reports or query responses that are delayed. Markets and consumer sentiment change rapidly and BI must keep up.

Finally, relevance is key. BI platforms must deliver information to end-users that is relevant to their daily jobs. This also suggests a need for self-service BI, as that would allow end-users to fully customize their reports.

Some companies are already focusing their BI deployments on a self-service model. According to a survey conducted by the BeyeNetwork, 33 percent of respondents said their BI team responds to most projects, but business users also utilize BI tools to address specific needs.

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